3 Tips For Installing New Telecommunications Towers

If you are involved in the cell phone industry or another telecommunications industry, then one big part of your job is focusing on telecommunications towers. After all, without these towers, your customers cannot use their cell phones or other telecommunications devices. If it's time to install new telecommunications towers, then you should keep these three considerations in mind. 1. Find the Right Location First of all, location is very important when you are building new telecommunications towers. Read More 

Lead Paint: What Should You Do Before You Move Into An Old House?

If your family purchased a home constructed in the 60s or 70s, you might be eager to move into the house right away. But before you move into the home, have it tested for lead paint first. Lead paint could still cover the home's walls and ceilings. Learn more about lead-based paint and why it's important to test your home for it now. Why Should You Be Aware of Lead? Read More 

Signs You Might Need To Add Attic Ventilation And How It’s Done

Proper attic ventilation is important for the longevity of your roof. When you think of your attic, your main concern may be with insulation to seal the space from outside temperatures, but you don't want to overlook the need for air circulation. If you install insulation yourself, you might inadvertently decrease the amount of ventilation in your attic and cause problems. Here's what can happen if your attic isn't ventilated and how the situation can be fixed. Read More 

Fiberglass Boat Oxidation 101: An Introduction

As a boat owner, one hazard you need to be attentive to is that of oxidation on your boat. In order to recognize and deal with it, you need to not only understand what it is, but also how to prevent and eliminate it from your boat. Here are a few of the things that you need to know to help protect your boat. What Is Oxidation? Oxidation is a deterioration process that affects the surface of every fiberglass boat. Read More 

How A Sump Pump And Drains Keep Your Basement Dry

Living in a home with a basement that's often wet and damp is frustrating and it can cause you to become unhappy with your home. A damp basement often causes a home to have a musty odor that you can't get rid of. Plus, you can't utilize the space for storage or as a place to work on your hobbies because the dampness can ruin your things. One possible solution to the problem is to have a sump pump installed. Read More