3 Different Styles Of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most common types of siding materials because it is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to take care of. Vinyl siding is also popular because it is diverse in appearance and style. Here are a few different types of styles of vinyl siding you can put on your home.

Style #1: Vinyl Shake Siding

Cedar shake siding, which is made from cedar, is effective at insulating your home. However, it can easily develop mildew and become discolored when not properly cleaned. It also requires a lot of maintenance and is expensive to install.

Vinyl shake siding, though, is not made from cedar wood like cedar shake siding. Instead, it is made from vinyl and just looks like cedar shake siding. You will get to enjoy the texture and appearance of cedar shake without the expense or required maintenance. You can get some rustic looking charm at an affordable price.

Style #2: Horizontal Clapboard

Second, there is horizontal clapboard siding. This style of siding is familiar to an old-world European style of siding, with narrow boards that are attached to your home in a horizontal manner. This style of siding is usually achieved using wood.

However, you can now enjoy horizontal clapboard siding with vinyl siding. The vinyl siding is formulated into long narrow boards. The siding usually is made to look like either natural or painted wood and is designed to look like hand-cut wood planks. You can give your home an old school appearance with new materials.

Style #3: Vertical Siding

Third, you can install vertical vinyl siding. Vertical vinyl siding is designed to be attached to your home in a vertical manner. This is not the typical way of attaching siding to a home. It will offer you a unique look and make your home look more visually interesting. Vertical siding can add drama to your home and can make your home appear longer and taller.

With vertical siding, you can purchase the siding in a wide array of colors and visual styles, allowing for even more visual customization.

A great benefit of vinyl siding is it can be crafted to mimic many different types of textures and colors, allowing for a fully customizable appearance. Furthermore, vinyl siding boards can be cut in a variety of different shapes, further allowing the vinyl siding to be customized to appear like other siding material.

For more information about vinyl siding, contact a siding contractor in your area.