Reasons To Have Your Asphalt Paving Inspected After The Snow And Ice Have Thawed Away

Your asphalt surface should be professionally inspected at least one time per year to catch any damage and repair it before it turns into a larger problem. There is no specific time of the year that you should have your asphalt inspected as long as you consistently have it inspected annually. However, many professionals recommend that you have the surface inspected in the spring, after snow and ice have thawed away. This is because the winter months can be rough on your asphalt surface. Here are a few of the various ways that winter can damage your asphalt surface and how having a spring inspection can catch this damage. 

Snow Plowing or Shoveling Equipment Can Scrape Your Asphalt Surface

One of the ways that winter can be damaging to your asphalt surface is because snow plowing or snow shoveling equipment can scrape it. This can leave behind ruts or ditches in your asphalt surface. This may not seem like a big deal, but when it rains, water can get stuck in these ruts or ditches. The water cannot drain, so instead, it seeps through the asphalt. This can cause cracking or potholes to develop in your asphalt surface and/or can shorten the lifespan of your surface. 

Salt or Ice Melts Can Damage Your Asphalt Surface

Another way that winter can be damaging to your asphalt surface is because salt or ice melts can be damaging. Salt and ice melts can cause your asphalt sealer to deteriorate and can cause the surface of your asphalt surface itself to deteriorate as well. This can cause some of the asphalt to loosen. This can be a hazard for those driving on an asphalt road or parking lot and can shorten the life of the asphalt. 

Ice and Snow Can Cause Cracks to Develop in an Asphalt Surface

The final way that winter can be damaging to your asphalt surface is because ice and snow can cause cracks to develop. Cold weather causes asphalt to contract. When it heats up again, it expands. This constant back and forth can lead to cracks developing. These cracks must be filled and repaired, or they can worsen over time. 

Winter is coming to an end, and before you know it, the sun will be shining and spring will be here. As soon as you see ice and snow thawing and melting, you should consider contacting an asphalt paving company and scheduling an asphalt surface inspection. During an inspection, a professional will look for signs of damage, such as those mentioned above, and work to repair that damage before larger issues with your asphalt surface occur. 

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