4 Master Bathroom Upgrades Worth the Investment

When you're having a custom home built, you will probably spend a lot of time planning out the bathroom. You have a dizzying array of choices there. However, how can you know which are the best upgrades worth your investment? The first step is to consider what your bathroom routines are really like. From there, consider some or all of the following master bathroom upgrades.

1. Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant heat flooring features either electrical wires or tubes of hot water (hydronic) to generate heat, which radiates up from under the floor itself. Because you're looking at a new-build, either heat source is possible. As Remodelista points out, the cost is a big factor. Electric is initially more affordable, while hydronic is less expensive to run.

Radiant heat flooring is an upgrade you should consider because it's so pleasant to step out of your shower onto a warm floor instead of cool tile. Radiant heat is also a good way to overall heat your bathroom or even the whole house.

2. Glass Shower Enclosure

Speaking of stepping out of the shower, most luxury homes feature a walk-in shower. Designers have gotten away from the tub and shower combo in favor of separating the two. So, consider planning for a shower stall. Part of that plan is the enclosure — aim for as much of it to be glass as possible. Indeed, consider the frameless style, which features minimal hardware.

A glass shower enclosure is a beautiful addition to your bathroom that you'll hardly notice. That invisibility is the point because it allows your tile work to take center stage. The glass enclosure is also elegantly minimalistic on its own.

3. Granite Vanity Top

Your bathroom vanity is an important task space. Much of your grooming takes place with the vanity as your work surface. You may give a lot of thought to the countertops in your kitchen, but spare some reckoning for the vanity top, too. And, as with your kitchen countertop, consider granite for your material.

Granite is a luxury building material not just because it's beautiful. Granite features a non-porous surface, especially if you choose a glossy finish. Therefore, granite resists stains and even some heat, making it ideal for your grooming tasks.

4. Ambient Lighting

Part of the goal of a luxury master bathroom is to look attractive. So, you could spend all your time choosing a color scheme and décor, and then destroy the effect with harsh lighting. Obviously, you need task lighting, especially around the vanity. However, you'd be well-served to also incorporate some ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting can come in the form of wall sconces or a ceiling fixture with a dimmer switch. For these fixtures, consider yellow-hued or pink-hued bulbs since they won't be your task lights. You'll end up with a master bathroom that's as attractive as it is functional.

Choose worthwhile upgrades for your new master bathroom.