Insect Problem Ruining Your Trees? What To Do About It

When you have beautiful trees in your lawn, you want to keep it that way. It takes a lot to prune with care and make sure that each branch receives enough sunlight to keep the foliage growing to perfection. If something starts to ruin what you're attempting to build in your yard, your first question is probably, "What's going on?" Upon closer inspection, you might find that insects have taken up residence in the trees and are eating away at the beauty that you want to nourish. If insects such as emerald ash borers are threatening your trees, here are a couple of natural ways to manage the problem.

Hit At The Root Of The Problem

Adult insects tend to feast on the surface of trees. They may dine on the leaves, and although this can make things a bit unsightly, you won't really hit at the root cause of the issue unless you go a bit deeper. You need to have a tree service professional come out to determine if the larvae are being planted at a much deeper level than the surface. This is the only true way to figure out if you are dealing with regular foliage issues or something that must be handled on another level.

If the insects have found some way to lay their eggs at the root of the tree, you're going to need a very powerful insecticide to rid yourself of the issue. When a skilled tree expert examines the tree, they will look for signs of small holes where the insect eggs have been buried. If they find this, they can then apply a chemical insecticide that will be sucked up through the roots of the tree so that the insects will not be able to flourish. This allows you to address the real cause of the issue so that your trees are able to flourish the way that they should.

Let The Tree Inspector Do Their Job

Trying to treat a deep-rooted issue with over-the-counter insecticides probably won't do the trick. Have the tree service company inspect to see if your ground is the right place for ash trees, and if not, don't be afraid to remove your trees and get new ones.

Keeping your trees in great condition lets you enjoy an amazing yard that you absolutely love. Call a tree service, such as Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., so they can help you get your trees back where they need to be, especially if you need emerald ash borer treatment.