Why Leave Your Garage Door Installation To A Pro

Do you think that you are handy enough around the house where you can handle installing your new garage door on your own? If so, you may find that the job will be much more difficult than you anticipated. There are aspects of installing a garage door that are easy to do from years of experience, which is why you may want to leave this job for a professional.

Problems Lining Up The Garage Door Tracks

One hard part of installing your home's garage door involves lining up the door's tracks. This task may look easy, but will actually be quite problematic to pull off. Having tracks that aren't perfectly lined up can cause more than just aesthetic problems. The door is more likely to become damaged as it is pulled in different directions, and have difficulties closing and opening. A professional installation will ensure that the tracks have been installed as even as possible.

Problems Installing Springs

You may not realize how dangerous it is to install the springs for your garage door. The springs need to have a ton of pressure put on them for the garage door to work. Until the safety mechanism is put in place, it can be very dangerous to attach the garage door springs. You run the risk of having the springs snap back and hit you during the installation, which can be very hazardous. This may be one part that is best left to a professional that knows how to safely install the springs.

Problems Maintaining The Warranty

Take a look at the warranty that comes with your garage door and if there is anything in there regarding how it is installed. You may be surprised to learn that the garage door needs to be installed by a certified contractor for the manufacturer's warranty to be valid. This can extend to having the repairs done by a certified contractor as well. While you may save money with a DIY installation, it will cost you later if you ever need to have the garage door repaired under warranty.

Problems With A Slow Installation

Your garage door acts as a security measure to prevent people from getting into your garage. If you can't install the garage door on your own in a single day, then you'll end up with an incomplete garage door overnight. Anything in your garage will not be secured overnight until you can get around to finishing the installation the next day.