Considering A Tankless Water Heater? 2 Types You Can Choose From And Benefits Of Going Tankless

If your water heater has gone out and it is time to buy a new one, a tankless water heater is a good replacement choice. To help you with your purchase, below are two types of tankless water heaters you can purchase, as well as three benefits of going tankless.

Tankless Water Heater Types

You will find two types of tankless water heaters: electric and gas. If your home has both electric and gas available, either electric or gas will work well for you. If you live in an area that has no natural gas, you can use a propane tankless water heater if you still do not want to use electric. The main drawback to propane is you always have to make sure you have enough and have to have the tank refilled when it becomes low of propane.

If you can use natural gas you have to install a venting system, which vents out gases that are dangerous for your family. You also must have access to a good gas supply, as gas lines in your area may not always provide you with the power you need for the water heater to run properly.  Still, gas-less water heaters are less expensive to run, so even though you have to make changes in the beginning, you will likely save money on your monthly energy bills.

An electrical system runs on electricity, so you do not have to worry about making any changes to your home. Electrical water heaters are also generally smaller than gas or propane water heaters. The main drawback to electric water heaters is they are more expensive to run when compared to gas powered. Another thing to consider is that electrical systems require approximately 20 amps of electricity to run. Many homes do not have this much, so you would have to hire an electrician to increase the amps.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

One of the main benefits of this type of water heater is that you have instant hot water. This means you will not have to stand around and wait for the water to warm up when taking a shower or washing dishes.

Tankless water heaters are small and are hung on a wall instead of the floor. This saves you a lot of space when compared to a large, traditional water heater.

These water heaters also save energy. This is because a traditional water heater has to use continuous energy to keep the water hot. With tankless, energy is only used when the hot water faucet is turned on.

Hire a professional to install your water heater for you. They will ensure you purchase the right type, as well as the right size of water heater to meet the water needs of your family.