Safety Steps For Your Construction Project

Ensuring the safety of your project site will require a proactive approach. Failing to meet the safety and security needs of your site can lead to serious accidents and other liabilities. For those that are new to overseeing one of these projects, there are important safety protocols that should always be followed.

Keep The Project Site Well-Illuminated

Ensuring that the project site is well-illuminated is important for projects that are not expected to require overnight work. This is due to the fact that individuals may still be on the site at dusk or start arriving at dawn, and it can be dark enough to make seeing difficult during these times. At a minimum, all of the major paths through the project site should be well-lit to minimize the risk of accidental injuries occurring.

Invest In The Appropriate Safety Equipment

In addition to the safety equipment that your workers will wear, there are numerous pieces of equipment that can help to make your site safer for both workers and visitors to the site. This can include the use of covers to protect individuals from walking on sidewalks from falling debris and barriers to prevent unauthorized access. A thorough safety evaluation of the site will help you to better understand the exact safety equipment that should be placed. During this inspection, special attention should be placed on preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing the site as they may lack the training or awareness to avoid injury.

Perform Regular Safety Inspections

At the end of each workday, a thorough safety inspection should be conducted of the site. This will allow potential problems that may have occurred during the day to be addressed. For example, materials or other items that are misplaced should be cleaned up, greasy substances that have spilled on the ground should be cleaned, and any other potentially unsafe issues should be addressed. If the safety concern is too major to be easily addressed, the area should be cordoned off until the necessary changes can be made.

Place Warning Cones And Signs To Alert Traffic

If your project takes place close to the street, you may want to take steps to alert traffic. This should include the use of cones and signs. Additionally, a temporary barrier should be placed near the road. While this will not stop a car, it can make workers more aware of the presence of the road along with preventing items from rolling into the street and posing a safety hazard.

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