Why Is Your Commercial Energy Bill So High?

Running a commercial enterprise is tough enough without having to worry about high energy costs. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many owners and tenants in commercial buildings have to deal with. This is not sustainable and can eat into a significant portion of your profits in the long run. What are the causes of these high bills, and how can you keep them at bay?

Inefficient Appliances and Lighting

This is a problem that's common in many commercial buildings. Many have devices that were installed a while back when other owners still used inefficient energy lighting systems. Many business owners will start with such devices because they are cheaper. However, they come with a high operating cost.

The solution, unfortunately, is almost always buying newer, more energy efficient appliances and devices.

Poor Insulation

A huge percentage of energy costs in any building will go towards heating and cooling. If the insulation in the building isn't as good as it should be, your energy costs will always be through the roof. This is because more energy must be used to compensate for that which is wasted.

Have your insulation system checked, and see what improvements can be done.

Devices on Standby

Many modern appliances come with a standby mode. This helps them to turn on much faster when they are needed. Unfortunately, these devices still consume power when in this mode. Therefore, you're losing power even when you're not using it.

Depending on your business, you may not be able to completely shut off certain devices. Check which devices you can afford to completely turn off when you're not using them.

You're Running Your Devices Inefficiently

Most appliances are designed to consume less energy when they're being run in a certain way. Therefore, if the device is being used in any other way, they'll run inefficiently and, thus, use up more energy than they're supposed to.

Ensure that you know the optimal running conditions of any appliance in your building, and try as much as possible to only use them under these conditions.

Poor Lighting

Improper positioning of lighting fixtures may lead you to use more lighting than is necessary for certain rooms. This means energy will be wasted lighting certain parts of the building with extra fixtures.

Get in touch with a commercial electrician, and discuss how the positions of the lighting fixtures can be changed for better results.

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