2 Ways To Make Your House More Energy Efficient

When you are worried about your energy usage, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your energy usage in your house is down as low as it can be. So, what are some things that you can do?

Energy Efficient Fixtures

One thing you can do is to get energy-efficient fixtures in your house. Those fixtures are your doors and windows. Those are very easy places to lose heat or coolness. There are a variety of ways that you can lose the tempered air that is in your house through your doors and windows. For example, if your door doesn't fit in the jamb tightly, then you are going to see light around your doorway. Where there is light, there is a place where drafts can happen. Drafts will suck all your hot air out in the winter and let all the hot air in during the summer. The windows can also leak air around. If you use double or triple-glazed windows, then you are at less risk of that happening, and you won't get the transfer from the tempered air inside to the un-tempered air outside. The same applies for energy efficient doors. Doors with windows can also have multi-glazed windows, as well as insulation inside them to keep the temperature the way you want. 

Home Inspections

There are home inspectors who can come in and inspect your house and help you figure out where you are having problems with your energy efficiency and where you can improve. They will do things like testing the flow of all your faucets and toilets to see what their output is and what can be changed. They will also do special tests on your house that will you find out where the air is leaking and where it needs to be fixed. They do this by using a giant fan. You will have to close and lock all your windows as well as any doors. Then the inspector will seal your door with a giant fan in it. They will turn that fan on and let it suck the air out of your house. They are looking for things like how long it takes for a full house air transfer. They may also put smoke sticks in front of windows and doors to see if the smoke is coming out through the windows. 

Energy efficiency means that your house is going to be more comfortable and it's going to save you money.