Diagnosing The Smell Of Sewage Around A Sewage Pump

Does the odor of sewage linger in your basement around the submersible sewage pump? The odor is a sign that the pump is experiencing problems that might need to be promptly repaired. There is the possibility that is sewage backed up in some of the pump parts that can cause more serious problems if they are not repaired soon enough. For instance, you can end up with sewage backing up into your basement and creating a large mess that is dangerous to clean on your own due to the toxins involved. Use this article as a guide for diagnosing what might be causing your sewage pump to smell like sewage.

There is a Blockage in the Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe is the main part of the pump that should be inspected when the smell of sewage is present. The reason why is because it is possible for the pipe to be clogged up. Things that can lead to a blockage includes sewage, dirt, and various types of debris. A contractor can be hired to remove anything that is clogging the pipe up. He or she can also replace the pipe if it is old and rust is making it difficult for sewage to pass through.

The Check Valve Doesn't Work Properly

One part that can have an effect of the effectiveness of sewage being ejected from the pump basin is the check valve. For example, when the pump was installed in your basement, it is possible that the check valve wasn't installed properly. Get the valve reinstalled might be what is necessary to resolve the problem of sewage being backed up. It is also possible that the check valve isn't able to open as it should. A stuck valve can be repaired in most cases, but you might need a new one for the pump.

Not Enough Power Flows to the Pump

A submersible sewage pump runs off of electricity, such as if you don't have one that is manual. Several things can cause electrical problems for the pump, including a malfunctioning power outlet. Speak to an electrician about performing an inspection on the outlet that powers up the the pump so he or she can determine if rewiring it is needed. Bad wires can cause the pump to overheat and not eject sewage as it should. A fuse or circuit breaker might also be the root of the electrical problem.

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