Make These 7 Changes To Your Bathroom To Improve Your Home’s Value

One of the most used rooms in your house is probably the bathroom. How much time do you estimate that members of your household spend in the bathroom each week? Probably more than you initially think. Want to spruce up your bathroom on a budget? These methods will help you plan for the future.

1. Add a heated towel rack.

A heated towel rack can make the difference in the quality of your shower. When you know you  have a warm towel waiting for you, you'll never hesitate to leave the shower again.

2. Clean your drains and maintain your pipes.

Maintenance is an important part of taking care of your bathroom and keeping up the value. Improper maintenance could result in you agreeing to pay for repairs before your home sells. Drain cleaning could also help eliminate foul odors.

3. Build a new mirror over the sink.

If the mirror is not big enough over the sink of vanity, it simply isn't using up space properly. People will be less inclined to use the bathroom space when there isn't space. Plus, larger mirrors make the room look more spacious.

4. Water damage floors? Change the tile.

When water sprays the floor, it is possible that the flooring could easily warp. For best results, change out the tile for something new. For an added bonus, consider adding a heating system under the floor.

5. Make more room for bathroom storage.

Again, storage appeals to the typical buyer much more than a cramped space. Add more value to your room with the addition of a closet or cabinet space. 

6. Consider separating the shower and the tub. 

Many homeowners are moving away from shared tubs and showers to add more amenities to each. For instance, you might want a stand-up shower in the corner with a larger jetted tub, especially if you are looking at the master bathroom.

7. Add a double sink.

If you have a single sink, especially in the master bath, you may want to talk to your plumber about adding another. This appeals to couples who are looking to buy a new home as a family.

There are plenty of reasons to consider changing up your bathroom in terms of plumbing, heating services, and electricity. It's also important not to overlook the basics. Ensure that you pay close attention to the little steps toward maintenance along the way to prevent a bigger issue that will decrease your home's value in the long run.