Worn Down And Out? Tips For Giving Your Carpets The TLC They Need

The carpets in your home serve many purposes – keeping the floor from getting too cold underfoot, providing padding, acting as a crash buffer, adding to the décor – so it's easy to see why this home furnishing mainstay can end up looking a little worse for wear as the years start to pile up on each other. But how do you know how to give them the pampering that they so richly deserve for their hard work? If you're looking for a few tips and tricks for giving your tired, worn out carpets the tender, loving care that they need, then here's what you need to know.

Cut It Off

Carpets with medium to long strands will inevitably fray, snag, or get otherwise damaged by the various stimuli they come across. When strands become frayed, it's best to snip off the offending strips as soon as possible. Don't pull on them in order to remove them – a pair of sharp scissors (hair scissors are best, but regular classroom scissors will also work just fine) is the ideal tool. This goes for strands that have suffered damage like being burned; here scissors will work just fine, but the best tool for the job is actually a pair of professional-grade nail clippers, due to their curved edge and wickedly sharp blade.

Beat It Up

Just like laundry, the best way to make your carpet look great is to give it a good beating. A high-powered vacuum is the best tool for this job; either a rotating brush or a beater bar will be fine, depending on the length of your carpet (long and medium, respectively). Vacuuming does more than just remove dirt from the surface of your carpet; it thoroughly massages it, giving in effect the same treatment that fluffing a pillow does to improve its appearance. Crushed down carpets give the appearance of being dirty, no matter if there's actually any dirt on it or not – so vacuuming several times a week is a good way to keep your carpet both looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Clean It Out

And not a regular cleaning – a deep, thorough cleaning at the hands of a professional, such as Conscientious Carpet Care. Just like you would treat damaged hair with a professional shampooing, so too should you give your carpets a deep shampooing usually twice a year. By the time you start to see damage, it may already be too late for a few sections of your carpet to be fully repaired by the cleaning, so getting it professionally cleaned even if it doesn't look like it needs it will both prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresh and healthy.