Answers To A Few Questions About Adding A Porch To Your Home

Getting the most from your home may require you to make some upgrades to it. In particular, it can be common for homeowners to want to add a porch to the house to improve its aesthetics and functionality. However, if you have limited experience with home improvement projects, you will likely benefit from having a few questions on adding a porch answered.

Will You Need To Hire A Designer For Your New Porch?

There are many individuals that may be concerned about the need to have the porch designed. This should not be surprising given that hiring a designer can be a costly investment. Fortunately, there are many general contractors that can offer their clients limited design services for simple projects. By showing you a catalog of their existing porch designs, you will be able to choose one that perfectly compliments your house without needing to pay to hire a designer.

Are Permits Required For A Porch Addition?

Prior to starting the process of adding the porch, it will be necessary for you to obtain a permit for this type of work. Luckily, permits are relatively easy to obtain as you will simply need to provide the issuing agency with proof of ownership, the designs for the upgrade, and the license number of the contractor performing the upgrade. Once this information is provided, you will have to pay a small fee to have the permit formally issued. Also, you should be aware that there are many homeowners' associations that have strict rules in place governing property upgrades. Therefore, you will want to discuss this upgrade with the management of this association to avoid being penalized for an upgrade that is not in compliance with the association's bylaws.

Why Should You Opt For An Enclosed Porch?

There can be a great number of options available when you are choosing a new porch for your house. However, some individuals will avoid considering enclosed porches because they are concerned about the higher initial cost. While this type of porch will cost more to install, it can provide important benefits that may offset this higher cost.

For example, an enclosed porch will help to improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing drafts and convective heating. Also, the enclosure will allow you to enjoy the porch on days when it is extremely hot or raining. Once you consider these two important benefits, you may find that the higher cost is more than worthwhile.

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