Using A Residential Architect To Help Design Your Dream Home

If you have purchased a plot of land to use for a future home, you may want to consider hiring a residential architect from beginning to end to construct a home to your specifications. Most people will hire a contractor and select a home from predesignated models, tweaking them to their desired finished product. If you wish to have a home completely different from the norm, a residential architect can be a great way to get exactly what you are looking for. Here is a rundown of what an architect would do to make sure the home you have constructed meets your desired outcome.

The Design Process

An architect would start by asking you what image you have in your mind for your finished home. They will ask you several questions about the layout including room sizes and where you would like them placed. From there they would find out details you want incorporated into the home's structure. This information will all be transferred onto paper, showing you what the design would look like when completed. They would then tweak this according to your desires.

The Blueprint Process

Once you are happy with the drawn house plans, the architect will convert the information into a blue print form. This will have all the specifications written into the paperwork so contractors would know exactly what you would expect of them when putting the home together. The architect would include specific information regarding the construction such as materials to use, color schemes, and measurements. Usually this is done by the contracting company as they would have the blueprints drawn up through their business. Since the architect takes over this part of the project, the contracting businesses you hire would only be involved in the construction of the home rather than the design portion.

The Construction Process

Once blueprints are set in stone, contact several contractors in your area to start the bidding process on your home's construction. They would each get a copy of the work to be done so they can estimate the workload needed to complete the project to your liking. Use the estimates given to you to determine which company or companies you would like to hire. One larger company can be hired to do the entire project or you could hire several companies to handle each individual portion of the work to be done, such as a contractor for the structure, a plumber, and electrician, and an interior designer. Your residential architect would oversee the work being done by coordinating with the general contractors on the job.