3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Space In A Small Bathroom

If you are currently considering remodeling a small bathroom in your house, you'll want to make sure that you make the most of your space when you do so. Here are three ways that you can make the most of the space that you have in your small bathroom during your remodeling process. 

Create A DiagonalPattern With Your Flooring

Part of making the most of the space in your small bathroom is tricking your mind into believing that there is more space than there actually is. One way to do that is to think carefully about the lines you are creating in your bathroom. 

When looking at flooring, consider installing tiles so you can create diagonal lines with your tiles. This eye trick will make your bathroom feel bigger. 

Go With Wall-Hanging Fixtures

Another way to open up your bathroom is to increase the floor space in the room by going with wall-hanging fixtures.

Instead of installing a toilet that sits on the floor, install one that hangs on the wall. This may seem novel, but it should be quite easy for your plumber to do and will add a little extra floor space to your bathroom.

You can also install a sink that hangs from the wall as well. This will give you more space to keep open or fill with unique storage options. 

Don't stop with the toilet and sink; you can also hang up a soap dispenser, towel racks and shelves. Using your wall-space and opening up your floor space will make your small bathroom feel bigger.  

Let In More Natural Light

Don't forget to utilize the ceiling in your bathroom as well. Natural light can make your small bathroom feel larger. If you don't have enough room in your small bathroom to install more traditional windows, see about having your contractor installing some skylights instead. Skylights are a great way to make a small space feel larger. 

Use Big Mirrors

Another way to increase the feeling of space in your small bathroom is by using large mirrors. Using a small mirror in your small bathroom will only highlight the current size of your bathroom. In contrast, using a large mirror will reflect more light, draw the eye, and make the space feel bigger. 

If you are planning on remodeling your small bathroom, using your entire space effectively, including the ceiling and walls, will make it feel larger and more spacious. Hire a remodeling company, such as Two by Four Construction LLC, for further tips and assistance.