Not Sure If You Need A New Roof? Find Out By Getting A Roof Inspection

Taking care of the roof of your house is an important part of being a homeowner, but it can be hard for the average person to tell if their roof is in good shape or not. To find out the current condition of your roof, you could hire a roofing contractor. The contractor could perform a roof inspection, and this would reveal the answers you want to know. Here are two things to know about roof inspections.

They include examining all parts of the roof

Your shingled roof may primarily contain shingles; however, there are other parts of a roof too. During a roofing inspection, a contractor will thoroughly examine the shingles and the other parts. This includes inspecting gutters, flashing, dormers, skylights, and chimneys. As they perform the inspection, they will look for signs of

  • Aging – Roofing materials wear out over time, even if a roof is well-maintained.
  • Storm damage – Roofing materials can prematurely wear out from storms. Storms can cause shingles to blow off or bend, and they can leave holes and dents on roofs from hail.
  • Water damage – Puddling water can also destroy a roof and its components.
  • Missing parts – The inspection will also reveal if shingles are missing, or if any of the flashing is not present.
  • Moss – Roofs can get damaged if there is moss growing on them, and this often occurs when trees are located too closely to a house.

The contractor will have to get on your roof to do this inspection. Once completed, the contractor will explain the condition of your roof to you.

What it will tell you

This inspection will tell you two main things. The first is whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. The second thing it will reveal is if your roof needs any minor repairs. If your roof needs to be replaced, the contractor will write up a bid for the job. To do this, the contractor will need to accurately measure the roof and find out what type of shingles you will want.

If your roof needs repairs, it will be important to do these things soon. By making all the repairs needed, you will be able to protect your home from a leaky roof.

Roofing contractors can help you find out the condition of your roof. If you would like to learn more about this or schedule an appointment, contact a roofing contractor. Check it out.