Three Reasons to Use a Plumbing Contractor for Small Remodeling Jobs

You may be a do-it-yourself home improvement type of person, but even for small remodeling jobs, you should consider using a plumbing contractor. The following are three reasons to use or at least consult with a plumbing contractor prior to your remodeling work.

1. The work may require a permit

Even if you are confident that you can do the work needed for your remodeling, a local ordinance may require you to have a permit. One example is replacing a water heater. In many cities, you must have a permit or be a licensed plumber to do this work. To find out what the law is in your area, you need to contact your city's building department. However, if you hire a plumbing contractor for the job, this is unnecessary.

2. You can prevent damage to your home

Even if you can legally do the work yourself, the quality of work will likely be greater with a professional contractor. This applies to any plumbing that is not readily accessible. For pipes that are exposed and easily accessible, such as a kitchen faucet or a drain pipe underneath a sink, you can do the work yourself without a great chance of doing damage to your house. But if you need to knock holes in the walls or dig into the ground in your yard, the chances of damaging your home and its plumbing system go up considerably. You may end up with repair costs along with the cost of remodeling. A plumbing contractor has the experience to know how best to avoid damage during remodeling work.

3. You will have a better estimate of the cost

At the very least, you should get a price estimate for the job from a plumbing contractor. Once you have a professional look at the work that needs to be done along with the materials needed for the job, you may realize that your budget for the job was too low. Although you planned on saving money with labor, you may not have realized how much work was required to do the job properly or the cost of quality materials needed for the job. Getting an estimate for the project will at least give you a realistic look at the cost of the remodeling project. After getting an estimate with a contractor, you may find that if is better to have the work done professionally.

Although there are many jobs that you can do yourself around your house, once you enter the area of construction, even for small jobs, it is best to hire a professional contractor, like one from Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc. You don't need to worry about building codes or the quality of the materials or work.