Save Money On A Contract Lift By Scheduling It Around Traffic

Contract lifts are used in home improvement projects when there's no other way to move an item. Contract lifts consist of a contract between a homeowner and a crane services provider to complete one, specific lift. While hiring a crane might increase the cost of your home improvement project, you can save money on the contract lift by scheduling it around traffic.

The Cost of a Contract Lift

Contract lifts are often charged by the hour, costing between $100 and $600 per hour according to This price includes the crane, transporting the crane to your site, a licensed operator and insurance for the lift.

Your contract will begin billing from the time the crane leaves the crane services provider's location until it returns. Thus, you'll be paying for the time that the crane is being transported, as well as when it's at your house.

The Ways Traffic Increases Transport Time

At $100 to $600 per hour, shaving just 5 minutes off of your contract lift time could save you between $8 and $50. You can't speed up the lift itself, but there are two ways you can reduce how much time the crane spends being transported.

First, you can schedule the lift for mid-day, sometime in the late morning or early afternoon. This will give the company you hire time to bring the crane to your house, perform the lift and take the crane back to their facility without encountering either the morning or evening rush hour. Depending on where you live, scheduling the lift around rush hour could reduce transport time by anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour.

Second, you can have the crane arrive from the least busy street that provides access to your house. If you live on the corner of two roads, asking the transporter to bring the crane in from the one that receives less traffic will reduce how much time the driver will spend maneuvering around cars as they drop off the crane. This isn't an option if there's only one access point to your home, but, if there are multiple access points, you might shave a few minutes off the lift.

A contract lift isn't cheap, but sometimes it's the only way to move forward with a home improvement project. If you're scheduling a contract lift, however, you can save money -- and possibly a lot of it -- by considering traffic when you plan the lift. Contact a local crane company, like Winslow Crane Service Co, for more information.