Caring For An Asphalt Driveway

If you neglect your driveway's asphalt, you can find yourself dealing with cracks and potholes before you know it. Driveway maintenance is simple and can be done in just a few minutes when you are outside already doing yard work. Follow the steps detailed below to keep your driveway's asphalt in good shape.

Keep the driveway clean

Anytime you are outside watering your grass, take the hose to the driveway as well. Hose away any dirt and debris. If you notice any weeds starting to grow too close to the driveway, you should remove them. Weeds can continue to grow closer and closer, until they find a way to start pushing up the asphalt or growing through it, creating problems.  

Keep the driveway as dry as possible

Keeping the driveway dry doesn't mean to go out and towel it off after it rains, but it means you want to watch for problem areas and fix the issue. If there are areas where rain or hose water tends to pool and sit for periods of time, you want to correct the issue. You may need to fix your rain gutter, dig a small trench alongside the area to divert the water or simply be diligent about sweeping water off that area. Leaving pooled water on the same spot for a lengthy period of time can cause damage to the asphalt, which results in cracking.

Repair small cracks promptly

If you notice any small cracks in your driveway, you want to repair them quickly, before they become large cracks. You can repair them by cleaning the area and applying asphalt crack filler to the crack. Allow the filler to dry completely before using that part of the driveway again.

Seal the driveway

Sealing the asphalt driveway when you start to notice it isn't looking as healthy is a great way to keep it in the best shape possible. Use a power washer to clean the surface well. Then, wear the protective clothing and use a push broom to cover the surface in an asphalt sealer. Give the sealer a couple of days to dry before using the driveway again.

These tips will help you to keep your asphalt driveway in great shape. It will also maintain its nice appearance longer. A well-cared for driveway will have a nice glean to it that tells those passing by your house that you care for it properly. Contact a company like Curtis Clean Sweep for more information on asphalt maintenance.