Why Citrus Trees Are Great For Residential Landscaping

When trees get to a certain height they can be impossible to manage. You will need to hire a professional tree care service to trim your trees and keep them healthy throughout the year. This is why it important to choose trees that will look good in your landscape, but won't be too difficult to maintain. This article will highlight a few reasons why citrus trees are ideal for landscaping on residential properties.

Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are great for residential landscaping because they have green leaves year round. Of course, many people enjoyed the obvious benefit of growing delicious fruit in their own yard. To increase the health of a citrus tree, you will need to be proactive when it comes to pruning. Selective pruning can help ensure that your tree favors the most fruit bearing branches. Citrus trees are ideal because they do not grow too large. Some people prefer dwarf citrus is that only grow to be 8 feet tall. Because of their small size, they are easy to maintain yet they will bear plenty of fruit for your family to enjoy.

Some people prefer larger citrus trees that provide more shade to their yard. A large citrus tree can have canopy that is nearly 30 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The main drawback of a large tree is the fact that you will need to perform more cleanup and pruning. You will also likely have some surplus fruit during the growing season.

Where to Plant Your Citrus

In order to ensure the best possible health for your citrus tree, need to make sure you plant it in the right location. A citrus tree will strive in a lot of sun and can even endure a lot of heat. Experts suggest planting them along the south-facing walls of your home.

It is also important that your tree is planted in soil that drains quickly. If the roots received too much water, the tree will not be healthy. Additionally, you do not want to just water the soil from the surface. Almost all such as trees prefer deep watering. Investing in a deep watering system is essential, especially during the first three or four seasons of the tree's life.

With a little bit of patience and TLC, you can enjoy citrus trees that bear delicious fruit and add some much needed who shade and color to your yard. For more information on trees, contact a company like Jerry's Tree Service.