Retirement Communities And Practical Bathroom Upgrades

These days there are plenty of active adult communities, most requiring residents to be 55 years old or more - leaving room for varying degrees of aging and mobility.  If you or a family member own a home in this type of community and are thinking about a bathroom remodel, here are five choice items to factor in.

1. Install a Walk-in Tub

Walk-in tubs, such as those from Carefree Walk In Tubs, are a great resource for those who have limited mobility, but still would like the option to bathe without assistance. These types of tubs are a great addition for a home that will be used by someone that is aging or might have movement problems. Whether for your own use or to up the resale value for the next owner, elderly care tubs should be on your remodeling radar.

2. Widen Bathroom Doorways

If you or your family member may use a walking device, widening doorways is a great home remodel. Doorways to the bathroom will give those with walkers and mobility aids the autonomy to keep personal bathroom activities private. If you are already remodeling walls or doorways in your bathroom, this can be a great addition for future residents as well.

3. Install Grab Bars

Grab bars installed around the toilet and tub are a great way to showcase the accessibility of a bathroom for any level of mobility. If you have or will be installing a walk-in tub, be sure to also add grab bars so that the functionality of the tub is enhanced. Remember the needs of those who may be looking for a home that can accommodate their limitations.

4. Enhanced Lighting

Bathrooms tend to be a location where many home accidents occur. Slipping and falling can be common, and even with deterrents set up there can still be a risk. Adding more overhead lighting can give you extra visibility, and will make the bathroom more accessible for future homeowners as well.

5. Non-Skid Floors and Tub Flooring

A great addition with elderly care tubs, non-skid decals or mats can help elderly adults that might rotate between showering and bathing. Replacing tile with non-skidding linoleum will cut down on slippery floors as well.

A few upgrades to your bathroom's accessibility and safety will open up your home for your needs down the line, or can up the resale value. Be sure to work with a contractor that understands specific products for elderly safety and accessibility before you start your bathroom remodel.