Inadequate Cooling From An Air Conditioner: The Cause & How Much A New Unit Costs

Does your house have an inefficient central air conditioning system that does not cool all of the rooms? The inefficiency can stem from a few different problems that a specialist may be able to repair. You may simply need a new air conditioning system. Find out below what can cause a central air conditioning system to not cool a home in an efficient manner.

What Can Lead to Inadequate Cooling from an Air Conditioning System?

One of the common reasons why an air conditioning system may fail to cool a home efficiently is from evaporator coil problems. The evaporator coil is the main cooling source for an air conditioner, as it is where a coolant is transformed into a gas that makes the coil cold. Warm air is able to cool off as it passes through the cold metal coil. Inadequate cooling can happen when the coil accumulates a lot of dirt. A thorough cleaning by an air conditioning contractor can fix the problem.

Dirty air ducts can cause an insufficient amount of air in a home as well. If there is debris, feces from pests or mold in the duct system, it makes it difficult for air to flow through as it should. Cracks in the air ducts can also cause problems. You either need the ducts to be cleaned or replaced to get the air that you want.

Another reason for inadequate cooling from an air conditioner can be due to the size of the system. A small air conditioner will not cool a large home efficiently. The only way to resolve the problem would be for you to invest in a large unit. The quality of the unit will also play a role in how much cool air your home will have.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Larger Central Air Conditioning Unit?

You will spend less money on a central air conditioning system if you have a forced air heating system in your home and functional air ducts. The average price of a new air conditioning is $10,000 plus depending on how much work is necessary and the quality of system installed. For instance, a large home with no functional air ducts will be at the highest end of the price quoted.

Make sure your current air conditioning system is inspected before investing in a new unit. Contact an air conditioning contractor to get your system repaired or replaced!