4 Tips For Excavating Ground For A Pool

If you have decided to excavate soil for a pool, you may think it's a straightforward job. You may want to save money on the pool installation by doing the excavation yourself, but in order for it to work out, you need to be sure that you keep some things in mind. Use the following tips to ensure that you excavate safely and in a manner that will allow your pool installation to go well.

Test Your Soil

Before digging up all the soil in your backyard, you need to know what kind of soil you are dealing with. If the soil is not stable enough, you may need to excavate more than you planned until you get to sturdier soil. Not only that, but digging in unstable soil can mean that there is a potential for a cave-in or soil collapse while you dig. While there are some ways to test the soil yourself, to be safe it is wise to have it done by a professional soil testing laboratory.

Check for Utility Lines

It is critical that you check with your utility companies to make sure that there are no underground lines you need to be aware of. If there are, you should not dig in that part of your yard, as you can cause damage of the lines and interruption of utility service.  Your utility companies will likely send someone out to mark where the lines are, so you can avoid them.

Use Tarps to Contain Soil

It is critical that you take the time to think about how you'll dispose of the soil you're excavating. Not only can the soil be an eyesore, but it will make things more difficult for those installing the pool.

To make things easier, lay tarps around the perimeter of where you plan to excavate. As you dig, empty the soil onto the tarps. The tarps can then be dragged away or dumped into trucks for removal.

Drain Groundwater

When you start digging, you may very well discover that there is water. To divert water from the site of your pool, dig a pump line. That way, the water can be drained out of the site where you're digging. 

Make sure you use the suggestions above if you want to be successful while excavating soil for a pool. If you run into trouble or need help, talk to a local excavation contractor (such as Rita's Trash Disposal Inc) about how best to proceed.