New Business In A Hot Climate? Consider A Cool Roof And Landscaping To Deal With The Heat

If your new business is in a hot climate, you can take the steps to ensure you and your employees are more comfortable, and your business is more energy efficient, which can help you save money.

Cooling Down the Roof

Cool roofs are lighter in color and more energy efficient because they reflect heat and light away from the roof instead of absorbing them.  You can still choose the type of roof you want, simply choose lighter colors. For example, a metal roof comes in white, tan, and many other lighter colors, and you can choose asphalt shingles in gray, tan, and more.

According to the Department of Energy, a dark roof can get up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, and a cool roof can stay more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler.

If the roof is already installed on your building, you can hire a roofing contractor to put a cool roof coating on it. This coating uses special pigments, or it is white to reflect the sunlight. This coating is much like a very thick paint that also protects your roof from ultra-violet light, and some coatings protect your roof from water.

Contact a company like American Roofing & Repair Co Division of Combined Roofing Services LLC for more tips on keeping your roof and building cool.


You can also use landscaping to help you deal with the heat. Plant large trees close enough to your building to provide it with shade. This keeps the sun from shining into the windows, which will heat up the interior of your business.  Deciduous trees have spreading branches and leaves, and they are tall. Plant this type of tree on the south side of your business. On the west side, plant a tree that has branches lower to the ground for afternoon shade.  Evergreen trees will provide continuous shade for the building, and protect your business from heavy winds.

Consider how tall the tree will become, as you do not want to plant it too close to your business so the branches will not damage your roof, and the root systems will not damage the building's foundation. You should also consider how fast the tree grows. Some trees may grow enough during the first year to provide you with some shade, and others will take longer.

You should also plant shrubs close to the building to block the sun from shining into the windows.  Ground cover plants and shrubs planted close to pavement can cool the air around your business

Hire an experienced landscaper who can help you landscape your property in a way that will cool things down for you even more.