How To Replace Your Garage Door Window

Many garage doors include small windows that are prone to breakage or other damage. There are two main types of garage door windows. The first type is made up of a frame into which plexiglass or conventional glass is permanently affixed. For these, the entire window (including the frame) has to be replaced when the window is damaged. Other garage door windows have plexiglass or glass inserts that are fitted inside the framework. With these, you simply replace the damaged insert. If you ever need to replace your garage door window, make sure you choose the right type, size and manufacturer. The following will explain how to replace the windows for each of these two types.

What You Will Need

  • Screwdrivers

  • Plywood

  • Cordless Drill with Drill Bits

  • Masking Tape

  • Caulking Gun

  • Polyurethane Caulk

  • Work Gloves

  • Wood Chisel

  • Putty Knife

  • Replacement Window Frame Unit or Replacement Glass Insert

Putting in Windows and Frames

Step 1. Use a screwdriver to take out the screws on the face of the frame so you can remove it. Put the screws aside. Have another person on the opposite side push against the frame so you can remove it from the door.

Step 2. Position the new window frame unit on a piece of plywood with the outside part of the unit facing upward. Put on the template that came with the unit and line it up with the guide marks. Use masking tape to attach the template to the window frame.

Step 3. Put a 1/8 inch drill bit in a cordless drill. Using the template marks as a guide, drill holes in the frame.

Step 4. With the outward side of the window frame facing out, install the unit into the garage door opening. Make sure that the rubber seals face inward. Attach the unit to the frame using the screws that you saved earlier.

Putting in Inserts

Step 1. Use a putty knife to bend back the tab that is holding the Plexiglas or glass insert into the frame. If you have wooden stops, carefully remove these with a wood chisel and save them.

Step 2. Put on work gloves. Then use a utility knife to remove the bead of caulking located along the edges of the damaged insert. Remove this insert from the window opening. Using the tip of a chisel, remove any remaining caulking in the opening.

Step 3. Put a tube of polyurethane caulk into a caulking gun and apply a bead of this caulk all along the edges of the opening. Then push the new insert into place. Bend the tabs back over or put in the wood stops in their original positions.