Is It Time For A New Fence? 3 Signs That Repair Is Not An Option Anymore

If you have a privacy fence on your property, you know how important it is to clean, maintain, and repair it whenever necessary. If you don't, you can end up with a broken down fence that is useless and, above all, an eyesore. Additionally, you could face fines from your community for violating certain zoning and property upkeep ordinances. While most fence issues can be repaired if you catch them early enough, some fences are beyond repair. Here are three signs that repair is not an option for your fence and that you have to replace it. 

Warped and Rotten Wood

If they are not cleaned and sealed regularly, wooden fences rot and decay. Initially, damage appears as discoloration, splintering, and warping. Then, decay sets in, especially in areas along your fence where water and moisture like to hang around. If caught early, you can remove the affected panel and posts and replace them. However, if the majority of your fence shows signs of decay, it's better to replace it. If one side has collapsed, but the rest passes inspection by a fencing contractor, you may be able to replace the affected side only. 

Dilapidated and Leaning Fence

Fences that are dilapidated and falling over almost always need to be replaced. This is due to the fact that several posts and rails have to fail in order for a fence to cave in. In most cases, the majority of rails and posts need to be replaced rather than repaired, so it makes just as much sense to get a new fence. You may even be able to replace your old fence with a fence made of vinyl or composite material, which requires virtually no maintenance other than a quick spray with the garden hose now and then. 

Rusty and Unattractive Fence

If you have an ugly fence that a bucket of paint won't fix, get a new one. Or if your metal or chain-link fence is so rusty that it will take you eons to remove all the rust and corrosion, tear it down and start over. The amount of work it takes to make old, ugly fences attractive again is substantial. It's almost always in your best interest to purchase new materials and start over. 

While many fences can be repaired by replacing one or several panels, some are simply beyond repair. If you find that you're having to replace a large portion of your fence, go ahead and get a new one. At the very least, talk to a fencing contractor like Outdoor Fence Company about your options.