Turn A Standard Door Into A Dutch Door

Convert your small child's bedroom door into a Dutch door so that you can keep an eye on them while they are in their room playing or taking a nap. A Dutch door is a standard door that is cut into two pieces. Each piece opens separately, allowing you to close individual sections if you feel that it is necessary. With a Dutch door, you can take care of your responsibilities around your home without having to worry about your child getting hurt or not being able to see what they are doing. Use the following steps to convert the door and receive beautiful results.

Use These Items

  • screwdriver
  • putty
  • putty knife
  • hand sander 
  • sandpaper
  • circular saw
  • saw horses
  • measuring stick
  • permanent marker
  • hinges
  • utility knife
  • electric drill
  • hammer
  • chisel
  • slide bolt
  • weatherstripping

Remove The Door And Middle Hinge

Remove the door by unscrewing it from the hinges. Place it in an area that is away from where you will be working. The middle hinge needs to be eliminated, since it will no longer be needed once the door is split into two pieces. Unscrew the middle hinge and fill it with putty. Use a putty knife to smooth down the area that was just filled in. Allow the putty to dry for the amount of time that is listed on the package it came in. Once dry, sand the surface where the hinge was. Make sure that the surface is even with the rest of the frame.

Cut The Door Into Two Pieces

Place the door on sawhorses. The door needs to be stabilized during the cutting process, so make sure that the sawhorses are set up in an area where you will have plenty of room to work. Determine where you would like the door split. Many Dutch doors feature a smaller opening at the top. If you use the doorknob as a focal point and mark several inches above it, the end results will be favorable.

The cut needs to be about 1/4" in height and go all the way across the door. This will allow you to have plenty of room to install weatherstripping and will prevent the two pieces from rubbing together. Use a measuring stick and mark the spots that you will be cutting with a permanent marker. Cut the door on these lines with a circular saw.

Add New Hinges

Since the door is now split into two pieces, you will need to mark new areas on each section to attach the corresponding hinges. Measure up several inches from the bottom of the top part of the door and the same distance down from the top of the bottom piece. Mark these areas on the edge of the door. Make corresponding marks on the door frame, showing where you will install the new hinges.

Place a hinge over each of these marked areas on the door and trace around them. Find the corresponding parts on the frame and cut out areas for the hinges with the assistance of a hammer and chisel. Insert the new hinges by screwing them into the frame. 

Attach The Doors And Add Weatherstripping

Attach the two pieces of the door to the four hinges. There will be two hinges for each section. Once finished, you can add a layer of weatherstripping to the bottom of the top portion. The weatherstripping will keep the two pieces tightly sealed and will prevent moisture from entering. You also have the option of installing a slide bolt. You can have bolts installed separately for each piece of the door. You can also install a slide bolt that is positioned so that both pieces of the door are connected together.

To install the weatherstripping, peel off the adhesive backing and press the material onto the bottom portion of the top part of the door. For the slide bolt, use a screwdriver to attach it. Once finished, you will have a fully functioning set of doors. It will be much easier to keep an eye on your small child. You will not have to worry about them leaving the room or getting injured if you are taking care of something else close by. If you need any help with this project, consider hiring a door repair specialist, like those at Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd.