Tips For Protecting Your Patio And Thwarting Backyard Thieves

No matter if you live in the city, the suburbs or the deep country, chances are you have spent a few dollars landscaping and furnishing your little share of the outdoors. As a nation, Americans love their patios. It is a place of family barbeques, summer afternoon fun and late night stargazing. This is why you need to keep it just as safe and secure as your home. Good patio furniture and yard accessories do not come cheap and you must ensure to protect your outdoor investment from thieves and other ne'er-do-wells. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can employ to thwart would-be robbers and keep your patio furniture protected and your terrace untouched.

Raise the Fence

The best method for stopping thieves from stealing your backyard furnishings is to make it difficult. Everyone knows to keep the gate locked, but your lovely patio set can just as easily be lifted over the four-foot fence into your neighbor's (unlocked) yard. Adding a couple of feet, not only makes it more difficult for a theft to occur, it also blocks the sight-lines from the street and other properties. If criminals can't see what you have, they don't know to come and get it.

Form a Neighborhood Watch Community

Good fences may make good neighbors, but good communication amongst neighbors keeps the entire community safer. Oftentimes a neighbor may actually hear the patio of the home next door being robbed, but they don't call the police because they don't know for sure. If you turn your neighborhood into a community, where everyone has one another's phone numbers, a simple call is all it takes to find out if a neighbor is home. If the answer is no, then a call to the police can stop a robbery in its tracks.

Consider Electronics

This is not a suggestion to electrify your fence (although it will work, it is highly illegal). You can, however, add cameras, spotlights, and perimeter alarms to hinder thieves. It is important, though, to keep the cameras on your home only, and keep alarms and lights on a low sensitivity setting. Otherwise, you may end up in a nasty scrap with those lovely neighbors from the community watch.

Having a beautiful outdoor space is a great way to de-stress, so make sure you keep it safe and secure. If you employ the advice above and use basic common sense security, you should be able to enjoy your beautiful patio furniture season after season, without having to worry about it being stolen.