Are Snow Guards In Your Future?

Ice and snow are heavy. Once it accumulates on the roof, the last thing that you want is to have it crash down in one solid piece. Not only can this damage, or take out your existing gutter system, but it can injure anyone who may find themselves standing underneath.

If you are a homeowner who has installed, or are contemplating installing a metal roof, you may want to ask your installer whether or not you will need snow guards. By being able to divert the snow, these inexpensive additions to your roof may literally be life saving.

What Are Snow Guards?

Quite simply put snow guards are devices that have been designed to be installed on a roof which will prevent ice and snow from avalanching off the edge of the roof. Most guards have some type of a raised edge which will hold the ice and snow in place allowing for a gradual thawing.

Different manufacturers design their guards in various shapes, colors and sizes. The quantity, installation location, and the number of guards installed will often depend upon not only the pitch of the roof, but the average amount of snowfall.  Guards are nothing new. They have been used in many forms and fashions for years. In some areas they are called by other names. You may see them listed as:

  • Snow Brakes
  • Ice Guards
  • Snow Brackets
  • Snow Rails
  • Snow Shields

The Advantages of Snow Guards

As already stated, one of the main advantages of snow guards is that it keeps large amounts of snow and ice from avalanching off of your roof. This not only protects anything that may be located below the slope of your roof, but protects the roof itself.

  • Installing snow guards will reduce the amount of liability that you could potentially face if someone were to be injured by the snow or ice coming off of your roof.
  • Holding the ice and snow on your roof actually gives your home an additional layer of insulation during the winter. It keeps the warm air in, and the cold air out.
  • Snow guards are inexpensive and easy to install. While many homeowners prefer to have them installed by a professional roofer like A & A Roofing Company Inc, it can actually be a do it yourself project.

Do not put yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy this winter. Make sure that you have snow guards installed with your new metal roofing.